Face Mask Sensitivity?

I’ve seen posts on Facebook – by people opposed to strict public health protocols – claim there are people with medical conditions that can’t wear face masks. Other than having a sensitivity to certain fabrics, I’m not aware of these medical conditions.

So, are you?

Perhaps they’re thinking of lung issues, If the mask is too heavy people with asthma may have trouble breathing while using the mask while walking

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I assume some people with respiratory issues may have difficulties. I hope there are masks made with different fabrics to meet the needs of most people. I know my neighbor has asthma and I’ve yet to see her wearing a mask while out strolling her newborn.

A couple of interesting links from Flyer Talk

And this may affect people here once they consider resuming travel (for reasons of seeking treatment, doing advocacy, attending conferences, etc): whether or not public & commercial transportation vehicles such as airplanes should keep middle seats open

This is exciting

I recently flew to MI from AZ and back using Southwest Airlines. From the moment you enter either airport until you exit the other airport you must wear a mask. They are not allowing bandanas or masks with a vent on the planes. I went to my gate to find out it was closed and had to walk all the way back to the entrance for security and then behind security all the way back. By the time I was halfway through the appropriate terminal my heart rate was through the roof, sweating profusely and struggling to breathe. I downed a water just to have my mask off and rehydrate. So lung issues such as asthma and Myasthenia Gravis are sensitive to the masks. Someone told me it was better than dying to the virus. It felt like in that moment that I was about to die. Just my two cents (even with a change shortage :wink: )

I would think that in future you could use patient assistance & transport with the airlines (here Southwest) to help you when these gate change incidents happen to avoid the unnecessary exhaustion & detriments to your health their inconvenience put you to. You shouldn’t have to walk, race/run &/or otherwise hustle around between gates, mask or no mask. You are entitled to that extra help so next time you book a ticket, request it in advance.

I also think with the airlines that have an independent health certification / exam (Delta is one) to qualify to forego mask usage, you could show up early to the airport, request the airline’s mask-free health screening & definitely qualify for it & potentially not have to wear the mask. You may get some flak from other passengers, but if you follow the airline rules, that should solve it. The airlines have the final say on mask issues.

FlyerTalk.com is definitely doing stories on airline mask policies, they can keep you up to date on their substance & the changes to them

This is a line of thinking the airline industry is now pursuing to get around quarantines, it might also help people who can’t or don’t want to wear face masks in flight